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The Fairwood 226


Real people don't fit neatly in one personality box. That's why we created a place where you can go out drinking all night, and when you need a little something to help you through the morning after, we're here for that too. Watch the game, have a girls' night, dress it up, or come in complete comfort. This is your place.


We believe that food shouldn't cost you your shirt. (Which is for the best really; we don't care what you're wearing as long as you stay dressed - thanks in advance.) Our goal is to make sure you get a delicious meal regardless of how late it is and without the long wait.


"Norm!" Ok, so the bar isn't called "Cheers" and you're not a middle-aged accountant with an astronomical bar tab, but you are still a part of our Fairwood family. It's your continued patronage and ongoing support as we experiment and evolve that allows us to be your third place. Let's not get sappy about it but, we really wouldn't be anything without y'all. Thank you.